Covabrelli Coffee, Tumwater, Washington

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roasting and delivery information:

We roast coffee on Mondays and Tuesdays; delivery is every Wednesday, depending on your location. Contact us to find out if we’re delivering to your area this week!

Welcome to Covabrelli Coffee

Coffee Cherries“What kind of coffee do you like?” is one of those loaded questions that I’ve received a variety of responses. From those who say “I love the smell, but I just don’t like the taste.” To others who confess “Any coffee that’s hot and wakes me up in the morning is fine by me,” coffee serves as an interesting conversation starter, especially here in the Northwest. My favorite response so far came from a man I’ve gotten to know through the Tumwater Farmer’s Market. He said with a smile, “You know Lou, life is too short to drink bad coffee.” This phrase has stuck for us.

In all that we do—from finding exceptional organic & sustainable coffee to roast, to delivering our coffee to people as fast as possible, to how we educate our customers on the finer points of coffee preparation—our goal is to enable the average coffee drinker to enjoy excellent coffee every day. Whether at home or at the office, Covabrelli Coffee is here to help you discover the joy that comes from coffee that’s fresh, flavorful and worth the extra effort of grinding it right before brewing.

Covabrelli Coffee began as an experiment to see if we could compete in a market that’s saturated with many larger coffee roasters. Even though you can find “Specialty” coffee on almost every street corner in our beloved Tumwater Wa, we found that the coffee being sold here wasn’t all that special.

Here’s why. Coffee is expensive. You can easily spend $2 (with tax) for a large cup of brewed coffee and upwards of $4 for an espresso style drink. Your love of coffee easily adds up to $70 per month when you purchase coffee on the go. So how much of your $4 grande latte actually goes back to the people who produce the coffee you’re drinking? Even a latte that uses “Fair Trade” beans, the amount going to its farmers is mere pennies (24 double shots of espresso in 1 lb. $1.51 for 1 lb of roasted “Fair Trade” coffee. $1.51/24 = 6.3¢ to the farmer).

Secondly, we started Covabrelli in response to the tremendous impact coffee has on our local and global environments. Locally, one cup of coffee purchased every day in a disposable cup contributes to about 22.75 pounds of waste per year Link. Besides all the cups, lids, straws & java jackets, there’s also all the waste your vented coffee bags adds to our landfills. Globally, more pesticides and non-organic fertilizers are used in the production of coffee than any other organic commodity. People living and working in these environments suffer diminished health and shorter life spans because of the chemicals they depend on to help make their coffee profitable. The wet mill used to strip the coffee cherry’s skin before fermentation contributes a tremendous amount of acidic waste water–killing native plants and wildlife. Combining the inorganic farming practices with the fact that coffee is the second largest (oil is #1) traded commodity in the world, you have a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, there’s the freshness factor. Most, if not all of the retail coffee sold in our area is at least 2 weeks old. In contrast to a good bottle of red wine that gets better over time, coffee becomes worse. From my study and observations, about half of the flavor is lost after 3 weeks of the coffee’s roast date. The fact is you’ll never have a better cup of coffee than 48 hrs after your coffee’s roast date. So here’s what we’re doing in response:

  • Cost.  Our current price for 1 lb of coffee is $14 for regular, $14.50 for half-caf & $15 for decaf.  There are roughly 75 level tbs of coffee in 1 lb.  So your 1 lb bag of Covabrelli coffee will produce about 375 oz of brewed coffee, or 32 (12 oz) cups, or 5.2 twelve cup pots depending on your ratios.
  • Environment.  Our response to the problems in our local and global coffee environments is two-fold. First, we only roast coffee that’s certified organic at its origin or coffee that comes from individual farms that use sustainable farming practices. We’re in the process of building personal relationships with farms so that we can know firsthand how our coffee is grown and that the people producing our coffee are being treated well. Locally, the vented bags we sell our coffee in can be wiped out with a dry paper towel and returned to us for future orders.
  • Freshness.  Every bag of Covabrelli coffee has a roast date printed below the label. Our goal is to provide our customers with enough coffee to last 2-3 weeks. We offer free delivery within our local community or shipment of our coffee the day after roast day so that our coffee comes to you full of all the rich nuance and flavor that fresh coffee offers.

We hope we’ve earned the right for you to give our coffee a try. If you taste our coffee and aren’t fully satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your money. Just email us within the first week of delivery and we’ll work out the details.

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