Covabrelli Coffee, Tumwater, Washington

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roasting and delivery information:

We roast coffee on Mondays and Tuesdays; delivery is every Wednesday, depending on your location. Contact us to find out if we’re delivering to your area this week!

Decaf Cascadia Espresso

Categories: Blends, Certified organic at origin, Dark roast, Water processed decaf

While many decaf coffees lose flavor and acidity during the decaffeination process, this blend from Swiss Water™ provides a surprising amount of body and flavor for a decaf.  It is a three bean blend combining the body, flavor and acidity from Sumatra, Peru & Ethiopia.  This coffee can be enjoyed through a traditional drip method or in your espresso maker.  We like this blend for its sweet notes of graham and balanced flavor and pleasant mouthfeel.



Here’s a short video explaining how the Swiss Water Decaffeination process works. Click here.