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roasting and delivery information:

We roast coffee on Mondays and Tuesdays; delivery is every Wednesday, depending on your location. Contact us to find out if we’re delivering to your area this week!

Category: Certified organic at origin

Uganda Bukonzo

Bukonzo Organic Cooperative Union is located in the Rwenzori Mountains of Western Uganda.  BOCU is a pioneer in the region for production of Certified Organic Coffee, which makes up about half of their production.  This year’s coffee has a wonderful combination of brightness and syrupy body.  Flavors of milk chocolate and black berry makes for a […]

Decaf Cascadia Espresso

Creamy body, rich flavor with a sweet finish


Low acidity, velvety smooth body with sweets hints of cocoa

Guatemala Adiesto

A dark roast that’s bright, bold and balanced

Half-caf Sumatra

Well balanced, smooth with hints of earthy cedar, cocoa & half the caffeine

Decaf Sumatra

Well balanced, smooth with hints of earthy cedar & cocoa

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